The Revelation Spiritual Home

African Indigenous, Initiated Church. Est 2009


Who are we

The Revelation Spiritual Home (TRSH): is a place where you feel you belong, although you were not born there, because you have a lot in common with the people, the culture, and the way of life. (Cambridge Dictionary). The Spiritual Home is an African indigenous initiated Home, based on African spirituality and structured to restore, thus bringing to the fore the consciousness of the African people back to their African spiritual roots. We pride ourselves of being one of the leading custodians of African spirituality teachings with a view to making African spirituality a way of life.


Our Core Values:



We uphold the quality of honesty and having strong moral principles and we are in the state of being whole and undivided therefore, upholding territorial African integrity and our ancestral ascendency.
>> Generating trust (honesty)
>> Pride
>> Keeping Promises
>> Helping others
>> Respect
>> Responsibility
>> Humility



We are positioned to unite indiscriminately in spirit deed, thought and embrace our diversity.


African Spirituality

While we recognize the importance of being concerned with the spiritual aspect of the human being in the African context, we also acknowledge the existence of a divine nature greater than ourselves. We pride ourselves for our ability to shift other priorities and allowing the Blue Nation to embrace African Indigenous Spirituality and placing greater emphasis on the nature of Spirituality in a more profound way.

Our Services

Where the Spirit of Umfihlakalo is, there is freedom.

The Revelation Spiritual Home is led by a Imboni whose gifts are not only limited to prophecy but include the gift of healing using Water, Salt and other healing elements that are constantly revealed to the Imboni.

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